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A Rating App that provides 360 degree appraisal of an individual/professional.


What is aboutME360?

The basic idea is to rate individuals based on various parameters. It is an app primarily catering to the hiring issues being faced by the employers, Team Leaders and others though it can be used for general purposes as well e.g. to know in general about any individual’s personality, behaviour in general and how is he perceived as a human being on various counts. Basically, feedback on the individuals which is not available in the open to the world at large.
In today’s internet world, we buy everything based on the ratings given by numerous users and critics of the product. From booking a hotel room for a vacation to buying a book from e-commerce websites. Our every decision is influenced by the ratings given on the site.
While hiring an employee, the biggest challenge one faces is ascertaining about the candidate, if the statements being made by the interviewee like achieving the milestones across parameters are true and if yes, to what extent.
This app is primarily being aimed at assisting Employers/Supervisors while recruiting employees/professionals basis skill set requirement. It will have numerous other usages as mentioned below.
This app will also provide tools to interviewer ask relevant, specific and to the point questions basis feedback available on App “aboutME360”.
These ratings will help the interviewer know the real personality of the interviewee, establish the gap between what the interviewee tells and what is the truth.

We all have struggled with the following issues while recruiting a candidate for the post available.

Whatever candidate tells about himself, is it true?

To what extent we should trust him/her?

How should we verify that?

In case, we try to take reference check from any other acquaintance working in his current organisation, invariably, the information reaches to his seniors and at the early stage itself the retention strategy gets into action (in case he/she is a performer). Otherwise, they will be happy allowing him to go by giving (incorrect) positive ref check. Both ways it’s against the interest of the organisation recruiting the person.

Appraisals, resignations and termination

These ratings will also be very useful during the time of employee’s appraisal, resignation and termination. It will be an important tool to know more about employees. On the basis of their feedback on their strengths, the organization can take professional decisions about the employee. Similarly, if the organization is indecisive of an employee it can use these ratings to be sure of its decision.

Self analysis

Not only in employment, these ratings will help a person to know about another person without having a conversation with him. This App is expected to give a reasonably detailed analysis of a person’s personality.

It is to assist the organisation establish about the candidate if the traits required for that role matches with the person it tends to hire by going through feedback from the relevant stakeholders 360 Degree. For example,

In case he/she is being hired for a team leader role, how effective his/her leadership qualities have been in the previous organisation/s. Was he/she an effective and impactful team player.

Do we need an individual performer with no leadership skills? In such case, the feedback on Team Lead parameters may be ignored to an extent.

In case it’s for customer service kind of a role, helps check the temperament behaviour skill.

Not only in employment, these ratings will help a person to know about another person without having a conversation with him. This App is expected to give a reasonably detailed analysis of a person’s personality.


Areas where aboutME360 can be used

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Industry Hiring
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HR - Appraisal Tool for Co.
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Talent Retention
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Self Analysis

How it works?

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Ratings will be considered in multiple of 3. This means that once three people have rated, the average with the inhouse algorithm will be published to keep the confidentiality of individual raters. No one would know how they have been rated by a specific individual. Thereafter it will again be accounted in multiple of 3 for any change to reflect in the rating. (The scores will not change on every review of the individual to maintain anonymity).

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“This app score is surely going to take the top right corner space of all the CVs in the time to come. Simply Amazing !”
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“This app is going to be revolutionary in Human Resources . What a thoughtful idea !”
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“What an outstanding experience . An app that can help people unleash their potential.”

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